Kazed reviews: Paul (2011)

Originally, I had set off to watch Limitless, but as fate had it, it wasn't my destiny to see this. So instead, myself and my friends decided to watch Paul. Not that it should be considered an afterthought, just that...you know. Bradley Cooper. He's so dreamy.

Anyway, recently I've been catching up on Spaced, the sitcom written by and starring Simon Pegg (Directed by Edgar Wright, of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, previously). Before watching Spaced, I also watched Hot Fuzz again, which also stars Simon Pegg, and also Nick Frost. What's the point of all this you say? Well, I'm not usually into British comedies, I usually hate them- but recently I've been watching a lot more of them. Shit. I've forgotten why I started this paragraph. Dammit, I'll leave it in anyway so it looks like a lot more text LOL.

Paul is about a little alien dude who crash lands on Earth and has been on the planet since 1945, and it's now that the government want to [spoiler] kill him, and harvest him for his mind transferencehnddjndjn and chameleon-type powers.[/spoiler] All is not lost though, because the little alien dude, conveniently named "Paul", finds two nerds on a tour of all the Extraterrestrial spots on the West Coast of the US.

It was a fun film. Fun, as in, if it had any stupid moments in it, it was justified, because it was a 'fun' film.

There were some gorgeous shots during the tour scenes, some of the beauty of the natural landscape was breathtaking. That's allĀ  got. I'm out of descriptive words.

Seriously though, I'm trying to think of a scene which brought the film down in any way, but I'm struggling...If I was going to pick out something negative (and this is me being really nit-picky), it'd have to be the scene when the three protagonists are being chased, and there's an overhead shot of the front of their Winnebago-type-vehicle, then it cuts to the back of it, but the road's different. That's it. Thing is though, although that part was really the only negative I could find, the film wasn't 'all that'.

It was a light-hearted comedy (kinda), with some great performances from both Frost and Pegg, and the additions of Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and that other guy were all great. Oh, and Sigourney Weaver.

I will say, that the animation on the alien were OUT OF THIS WORLD (oooooohhhhh.). It really seemed right on the button. This might sound stupid, but the physical presence of the little guy seemed really believable. Rogen voicing the thing was a great choice. It just seems like such an odd voice for something like that.

ANYWAY. I liked this film. It didn't leave me with any exciting feeling afterwards, like I usually get when watching Sci-Fi films, but it was still a good film nevertheless, but nothing to write home about.

Wow this wasn't even a review. WHATEVER.




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