Kazed reviews: The Amityville Horror(2005)

I won't lie. I've seen this film about 4 times. Not sure why, it isn't even that good. One thing that makes me come back to this film as many times as I have, is Ryan Reynolds performance.

The film's based on some supposed 'true events' that occurred in Amityville, Long Island, New York. I'm not sure how much truth there is to this film, but claiming the film is based on true events is a pretty bold claim. The linked website has an extensive look at the killings and the case and the bleh de bleh.

Anyway, THE FILM.

Chloe Grace Moretz plays Chelsea Lutz, the youngest girl of the family, and even back then, she did a great job, one could even say she did better than she did in Kick Ass (Some scenes, anyway). There was this one scene where she had just come down from the roof and she was being shouted at by her on-screen mother Melissa George (Triangle, 30 Days of Night), and she (Moretz) did a great job of emoting the emotions. The emotions that she emoted were commendable, although she should have had more screen time. She deserved it, dammit. Her and Reynolds took the film in terms of performance in this film, because really, the film had no other purpose.

I saw this film, not for the film, but for the cast, I suppose. Although it was an interesting adaptation of the 'real life' events, it had some pretty questionable stuff happening despite it's 'based on true events' label.

Whatevs, 3/10 for the film, 6/10 for the performances.

So that's like a...5.5? Yeah. 5.5/10



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