Kazed Reviews: The Fighter (2011)

So when I finally got round to watching The Fighter, I wasn't sure what to expect. Everyone had been saying how great it was, and it was getting Oscar nominations n shit, and was being generally favoured by critics. So, naturally, I had to see what the big fuss was about.

The film was basically about "Irish" Micky (Mickey?) Ward and his half brother Dicky something, and their rise to fame n shit.

Clearly, Mark Wahlberg had undergone plenty of training in order to play this part, which is why he got his ass handed to him a billion times when he was fighting these guys.

Anyway, that aside, Christian Bale once again had shined in a film full of great talent. Melissa Leo and Amy Adams had done great jobs playing their roles as mother and girlfriend, respectively, and really added another dimension to the film. On one side you had the struggle of Wahlberg's character trying to get on top, then Bale trying to make his 'comeback', but the relationship with Ward's mother was something which was great, I mean, the emotion that Leo literally spewed onto the screen was nothing short of amazing. Wahlberg, though...Damn. I mean, why? He was great in The Departed, but why all this Happening-type performance?

Anyway, great film, deserved it's Oscar wins, and definitely wouldn't have been the same with a different cast. Wahlberg may have a few shit spells, but we know he's capable of more, and for that, I forgive him.




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