Kazed Reviews: Battle: LA (2011)

When I first saw the trailer for B:LA, I had mixed feelings about it, considering the shitfest that was Skyline had been released around the same time. No matter though, onto the review.

So basically, this film was about a bunch of aliens, who invade Earth with no ACTUAL explanation as to where they came from, or why they were doing what they were doing. It was all just so...sudden. But whatever, i care not for this unexplained nonsense.

B:LA was an enjoyable film, but the plot was a substandard piece of balls which tried way too hard to be something more epic than it actually was. This, couple with the atrocious one-liners and the 'aliens' ripped right out of a Transformers flick equaled to, well, a disappointment. Don't get this confused with anything else though, for it was only the blegh dialogue and the Decepticons which the brought the film's  credibility a little down.

Aaron Eckhart was an incredible addition to the film, and his performance overshadowed the rest of the cast without a doubt. One particular scene where he gave me braingasms was when he was in the F.O.B. talking to a fallen soldier's brother. That 3/4 minute monologue was brilliant. It was Eckhart's expression that made that scene.

Although the plot was a little thin, and the dialogue was below average, it didn't detract from the otherwise incredible visuals used in the film. There were multiple scenes where there were overhead views of the war torn Los Angeles, and it was in these scenes that the visual effects looked superb. Granted, they weren't the best visuals I've ever seen, but it worked great with the context of the particular scenes. The destruction, the chaos, the blood, the children dying (TOTALLY kidding) aliens exploding were all little elements that ultimately made an otherwise average film, a little above average.

Great effort from the rest of the cast, although not up to par with Eckhart's brilliant performance. The over-the-top (random)explosions and the stunning visuals saved Battle: Los Angeles from it's downfall, but unfortunately, it's downfall was its- uh....downfall.


EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention was it's handheld style camera-work. I loved this. I absolutely loved it. There aren't a lot of films doing this, but it was a brave move shooting it how it was. So, for this, It gets a:




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