Kazed reviews: Alpha Dog (2006)

When this was released, my love for film wasn't as strong as it is now, so I was pretty narrow minded when it came to films like this. If it wasn't "cool" then I wasn't interested. Of course, now my eyes have been opened I clearly see that this is the kind of badassery that should have existed in my life back then.

Anyway, the cast in the film was just incredible. Emile Hirsch(Lords of Dogtown, Into The Wild), Justin Timberlake(Southland Tales, The Social Network), Olivia Wilde(Tron), Anton Yelchin(Star Trek) to name only a few. The performances were brilliant, Hirsch did an amazing job of spewing out sinister aura all over the damn place, yet watching him was quite pleasant.

For those who don't know, this was based on a true story, so the little interviews in between scenes of the film was a great touch. Zack Mazursky's mother had a powerful moment toward the end of the film in her interview scene. Such a convincing role as a mother who's son (SPOILER ALERT) had just been shot and killed with a Tec 9. All over the place.

So overall, a great film, great performances all round, apart from Johnny Truelove's little kronies. They were just...incredibly tiresome, but hey, whatever.




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