Kazed Blogs: Harry Potter and The City of Movieville n shit.

I'll be honest here. I never actually saw a Harry Potter film up until last December, only because they never really appealed to me, and now I know why. I'm 5 films into the saga, and there have been parts where visually, it's definitely impressive, but the performances were clichéd, although there were odd moments which made me chuckle. Granted, it's a family film, so expecting it to be full of "fucks" and "shits" is OBVIOUSLY not a good idea. I wanted to give the films a chance, I wanted to see why the series is the biggest grossing series of all time, and I can see why people love it so goddamn much.

Really though, they're all pretty annoying and repetitive. All this equals to a pretty substandard viewing experience, and although the performances were subpar, one can't deny that Harry and co. have certainly matured, and their years on the set of HP has definitely improved throughout the series. What I love too though, was the many expressive faces of Hermoine Granger. That bitch can bust out all sorts of expressions which just light up the friggin screen. That girl can emote like a mothereffer.

I'm intrigued to watch the last two, purely just to see how it unfolds, because obviously, I'm not gonna read the books. That would take too long. Although it would be interesting to see the comparisons between the source material and the film.

The story itself is whatevs, you know, it's interesting enough, it grasped me long enough not to fall asleep, so I guess that's commendable enough.

Thus ends my quasi-rant on Harry Potter. Kind of. Once I've seen all 7, I'll come to a conclusion. Who knows, I may end up dressing up as Dumbledore while writing it.



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