Stacey's Review: The Next Three Days (2011)

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film. The acting from Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks was brilliant as they were able to portray the love they have between John Brennan and Lara Brennan seamlessly, along with the hurt they go through once she has been incarcerated. The lengths that John Brennan as a husband would go to free his innocent wife is very moving, whilst still being able to take care of their son. The pain that you see him going through daily is upsetting. However when John sees a glimpse of hope of being with his wife again he takes the opportunity and dedicates his life to it. There were parts of the film that were not exciting as the rest as this put more focus on the heartache and torment of losing a loved one into perspective.

There is not a lot of this film that I disliked and if there was something that I had to put it down to, was the time that is spent by John preparing for the escape of his wife. This could have been cut shorter and got to the getaway scenes sooner. However you could see they used this to illustrate the detail that John was going through with his plans and how much he adored his wife that he was willing to risk everything to be with her.

The film was able to pull me in at an emotional level, where I wanted the family to flee and be together, whilst still keeping me on the edge of my seat. The scenes of them escaping were exciting and nerving. As you saw the love and pain they went through at the beginning of the movie it made you want them to succeed and when John had moved onto the next step in his plan you applauded him for his intelligence.

If you enjoyed films such as A Perfect Getaway (2009) and Knight and Day (2010) then this is the film for you. It will ensure that you are kept on your seat whilst still being emotionally inviting.

Stacey Towner.


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