Muni Reviews: The King's Speech (2011)

Director: Tom Hooper

Synopsis: The story of King George VI of Britain, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it.

I had my reservations going into the cinema to watch this film, I was however pleasantly surprised to see how remarkable the delightful the film actually was.

It’s fair to say most period drams are boring and dull to the young adolescent minds, but this film is outstanding and engaging that you will not be a bore.

The story of the monarchy is a sensitive area, and the write, director and most importantly the actor had to get it correct or close to the real thing, and I believe after watch the film that they stayed true and honest to the genuine accounts of what may have occurred back then.

A lot of praise has to go to both Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, who both do an exceptional job, and bring the characters to life. Geoffrey Rush in particular is traffic and in my eyes delivers and marvelous performance, which was a delight to watch on screen. Even Helena Bonham Carter, who I’m not really a fan as I find her face rather annoying, dose a note worthy performance.

The film is definitely going to be nominated for an Oscar, and may win an award or two. I highly recommend that you go watch this film, and enjoy some brilliant performances and incredible storytelling. The set design in particular is worth having a look at, as they don’t generally get mentioned but in this film it just looks terrific and remarkable.

It’s a beauty, simple told, purely acted, and austerely watched, and I recommend you do the same.




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