Kazed reviews: Black Swan (2011)

Synopsis: A thriller that zeros in on the relationship between a veteran ballet dancer and a rival.

It's an amazing time in a young woman's life when she transforms into a Swan. All of her beauty is multiplied by 6 billion and transferred to her feathers n shit.

Director of such films asĀ The Wrestler and The Fountain, comes an interesting take on Swan Lake. What stood out the most in this film were the incredible performances by Natalie Portman (Nina Sayers) and Mila Kunis (Lily something- It's not really clear what her full name is in the film). The contrast between the two characters in the film was ever so fitting to the story, and it worked so well that I didn't care much about the story or the film at all. That's a lie. The entire film was a brain intercourse, and it was like watching an episode of Lost; every 15 minutes or so was me trying to figure out what just happened.

After getting up to speed with the story, I slowly began to realise how badass the film is. The film was a little slow from the outset, but about 20 minutes into the film, business picked up. there was more going on, the hallucinations began which made it that little bit more intense.

As Nina's 'visions' started to become more intense, so did the pacing of the film, which made for incredible watching. It was so freakin amazing, the film was as gorgeous as The Wrestler and as exciting, if not better. Like I mentioned before, the performance were most definitely the highlight of the film, other than Kunis and Portman, Vincent Cassel (playing Thomas Leroy) and Winona Ryder (Beth MacIntyre) were simply incredible in their respective roles, and added that extra bit of class to the already brilliant film that was Black Swan.




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