Monsters(2010) review

Synopsis: Six years after Earth has suffered an alien invasion a cynical journalist agrees to escort a shaken American tourist through an infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the US border.

So I got a chance to attend a screening of this along with a pretty frickin' badass Q&A session with Director Gareth Edwards afterwards.

Anyway, the movie- was SWEET. Considering the insanely small crew and the results that were achieved, I'd say that this film deserves a shitload of recognition.

I can hear you say "hey Kazed, surely just because the film was made by a few people doesn't mean it should get recognition...?", and I'm shutting you out. I think you should leave.

Fun fact: Director Gareth Edwards worked on the effects on Adobe's After Effects program. Funny, considering it'd cost millions if he got someone else to do it. What a man.

So the review.

It was the beautiful shots and the situations in which they were used which were really the high points of this film, this, paired with some of the gorgeous locations made for excellent eye candy.

Throughout watching, all I could think about was Jurassic Park/Cloverfield. I say this because there were subtleties about certain elements of the film which made me reference these films in my mind; the 'shaky' handheld style shots at times, very much like Cloverfield, then there were the large fences surrounding particular areas keeping the Aliens away from particular areas, a lot like Jurassic Park.

The story itself wasn't as I thought it'd be, and could, in many respects, be compared to Cloverfield. The story was very character driven. I won't ruin the story at all, but expect a very different film.

Great story, great film, great.




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