Despicable Me (2010) Review

A fairly rubbish villain hatches a plan to steal the moon (no spoiler there - it's in the trailer) to impress his bank manager and (apparently) villain mother. On the way he finds he needs the use of three orphaned girls and... and... well that's it really. It has to be said that this film was fairly disappointing. Even in 3D - Which, incidentally, makes very little difference to the viewing.

The target market here seems to be under 10's and their parents. Everyone in-between will wonder at how quickly Gru - the villian/hero - gets distracted by the onset of parental love, and will be confused with the nature and make-up of the little yellow Minions - for which there is no explanation. He just has these little yellow things under his house. Very strange.

Carell is great, as is everyone, but his performance becomes the focus as everything else is a little two dimensional. Metaphorically of course - the animation is still 3D.

Unless you have very young kids, I would save the cash and avoid this at the big screen and only rent it if there's no better options.

In conclusion, it's not a rubbish film but it's not great either. Watch it to enjoy Carell maybe... but otherwise give it a miss unless, you got young'uns.




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