The Other Guys(2010) review

Synopsis: Two mismatched New York City detectives seize an opportunity to step up like the city's top cops whom they idolize -- only things don't quite go as planned. So Will Ferrell. Not a big fan, which I have mentioned before briefly, but this film made me change my mind a little, moving me a little on the scale. Let me introduce - The Will-O-meter. As you can see, I've moved a few notches up on the meter. This is a good thing. It would've gone up a little further, but I saw no appeal in his incessant babbling about boring crap. After seeing Mark Wahlberg in the atrocity that was 'The Happening', I was slightly confused as to what his performance was exactly, but Three Kings was completely different, just like this. The dialogue was pretty frickin' funny, up until the final quarter of the film. I lost all interest at this point, the pace had completely slowed down. It was like The Flash for the first 3 quarters, then The Flash running into Superman. It got a little boring and to be perfectly honest, could've used more Dwayne Johnson and Sam Jackson. There wasn't nearly enough screen-time for either of them, so that was disappointing. The plot of the film was interesting enough, but like I said, by the end of it, I was fiddling around with my phone, waiting for the film to end. It wasn't that bad. I only fiddled with my phone because I got a text. Not because the film was boring. Just thought I should clear that up. Good film though, just got quite redundant toward the closing minutes of the film. 5.5/10


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