Scott Pilgrim vs. The World(2010) review

Synopsis: Scott Pilgrim's life is so awesome. He's 23 years old, in a rock band, "between jobs," and dating a cute high school girl. Everything's fantastic until a seriously mind-blowing, dangerously fashionable, roller blading delivery girl named Ramona Flowers starts cruising through his dreams and sailing by him at parties. But the path to Ms. Flowers isn't covered in rose petals. Ramona's seven evil exes stand between Scott and true happiness. Can Scott defeat all seven of the bad guys and get the girl without turning his precious little life upside-down, before the game is over?

Where to start with this film...never have I been so impressed with a film as I was with SPvTW.

From the outset to the very second the credits begin to roll, I was snagged onto this like a hooker on crack. The comic-book style visuals were the effin' icing on the freaking cake. Throughout this imaginative, dazzling effin' thought-provoking thrillride, I felt pushed up against a wall by Tyra Banks then Tyra banks gets her head kicked in by Hulk Hogan. Imagine that feeling. I felt that. it felt great.

I know I mentioned in my last post for the Due Date trailer that stars such as Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell have been typecast because of the way they portray their characters in the films they star in. There are a few exceptions, in this case, Michael Cera. There hasn't been a single film of Cera's which I didn't love. Sure, he has pretty much the same character in each of his films, but the way he adds a twist on each character is pretty damn entertaining. In this case, it was his a-hole side that was the comical factor here.

The performances of each of the cast members here were simply charismatic, namely the Seven Evil Exes, including Chris Evans, who portrayed an a-wipe version of Johnny Storm, and Jason Schwartzman who played the 'boss' of the film.

Cera along with M Elizabeth Winstead were absolutely riveting as the lead co-stars, and felt some real-ass chemistry between the two during the 'romantic' scenes.

Loved this film, from start to finish, there was never a dull moment.



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