The Human Centipede: First Sequence (2009) review

Synopsis: In Germany, two American women and a Japanese man fall victim to a demented surgeon who plans to recreate a horrific operation with humans that he performed on his three beloved dogs: reverse-engineering Siamese triplets by attaching their digestive systems.

After reading about The Human Centipede in Total Film, I simply had to check this film out. It sounded twisted, original, and plain weird.

The Human Centipede was a film which a unique experience, definitely unlike anything I've seen before, but felt like a half-hearted attempt at a so called 'horror' film.

Featuring virtually unknown names, the performances definitely lacked in the personality department, except for the nutcase doctor, who, without question was definitely the most believable performer in the film.

Thankfully, the sheer violence and gore slightly raised the interest level of the film.

As I briefly mentioned, the concept of the film was definitely a unique one, providing scenes in a film which left me cringing and trying to prevent my balls from shooting up into my body.

Not the best 'horror' film I've seen. At this point, Paranormal Activity is top on my list.

Average attempt at a shockingly gory horror flick, 5/10



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