Kazed's Take: The Expendables(2010) review

Synopsis: A team of mercenaries head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.

I wasn't expecting Oscar-winning film, I wasn't even expecting oscar-nominating material, but I appreciated this film for what it was: mindless violence. That's all I was expecting The Expendables to be, and that's all it was.

The performances were acceptable, wasn't very impressed to be honest, there were few moments when I thought "Hey, this could be worth something...I think we might have something here.." NO. WRONG. There was NOTHING. It made me sick. It was pathetic. No, I kid. It wasn't that bad, just nothing to write home about.

Action scenes were as expected, pretty effin' badass, Statham perfoming his stunts, Steve Austin being a bodyguard beatin' up people, explosions left and right, bullets and blood flying all over the damn place,  it was a massacre. A freakin' massacre.

Like I said, for what it was(mindless violence), it was pretty cool in that respect, but as a film, not much happening in that department, it was incoherent at parts, the editing in certain parts of the film was below average- but, because the cast was as big as it was, that, in itself was pretty cool.

A fun, action-packed film, with a cast for the ages.

6.5, just because it was so freakin' awesome.



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