The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) review

Synopsis: As a string of mysterious killings grips Seattle, Bella, whose high school graduation is fast approaching, is forced to choose between her love for vampire Edward and her friendship with werewolf Jacob.

Having seen the first two from the Saga, so far, this would be my breakdown of the three-

Twilight: easily the best of the bunch so far.

New Moon: Utter disappointment, from a Film standpoint, anyway.

Eclipse: a slight step up from New Moon, very impressed with many aspects, including the acting, surprisingly.

What a segway to begin the review.

I'll also state again that this review will be written from a Film standpoint, so none of you hardcore Twi-Hards be hatin' on me. So Eclipse.

Although a little slow at the beginning, it picked up a little when it delivered some intense fight scenes between some of the scenes.

I was impressed, but I wasn't too thrilled about the CGI in the film. It just didn't work, the scene where the 'transfomed' Jacob is comforting Bella looked pretty effing stupid.

There were some funny pieces of dialogue in Eclipse, which, quite surprisingly made me laugh. Kudos to the screenwriters, here.

I'll be honest, I did enjoy this installment moreso than New Moon, but still not as good as the oh-so wonderful first film.

Lovely film, there were some really bad, stupid moments which made me want to murder everyone in the theatre.




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