Knocked Up (2007) review


A one night stand turns into the unexpected for Ben, when Alison announces to him that she is now pregnant with his child. Ben decides that the best thing to do is to get his life sorted so he can care for Alison and his new child, which isn't an easy job for him.

Knocked up is quite easily THE best Apatow production to date. Unlike some of the other films, the acting isn't over the top, nor is the comedic value.

Despite what Katherine Heigl has said(see HERE), I really feel her performance in Knocked Up was such a strong one, and rightfully catapulted her into stardom. It felt raw, and the emotion that was present in a lot of her dialogue scenes were what astonished me.

The chemistry between herself and Rogen was so believable; maybe not the fact that someone like her could end up with someone like him, more like if something like this were to happen, this would be the way it would go down. Similarly, the relationship between Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann was as equally as amusing as Heigl/Rogen. The conflicts both of the couples had were easily relatable on some level; the petty squabbles and the insecurities some of the characters displayed were just hilarious.

Sure, it's 3 years old, but the fact that it can still uphold the sheer hilarity it did back then is proof that it's(for lack of a better or more appropriate word) just effing badass.

Great film, great performances all round from the entire cast.



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