Sex and The City 2 (2010) review

Along with every female in pretty much the whole entire world, there are times when I like to fantasize about being Carrie Bradshaw. The thirty-something woman who has everything, a fantastic job, a fantastic apartment and many fantastic men. So when I heard the second Sex and the City movie was on its way I was positively thrilled.

Preparing myself for the Big Day, I spent literally hours on the couch watching the entire six seasons back to back to catch up, and when I left the house I felt truly ready to experience what I thought would be an amazing movie.

The first Sex and the City movie did not disappoint. There was the added glitz and glamour which you’d expect from a series to movie leap, which only made the whole thing more ‘fabulous’ (said in a sexual Samantha slur). This movie however, was just a bit too....ridiculous.

I mean, the fact that Carrie bumps into the wonderful Aidan Shaw in Abu Dhabi, whilst on some freak freebie trip was so unrealistic it should have been made into a cartoon and produced by Disney. His cameo (and lets be realistic, we all went to see the movie to see him anyway) left all true Sex and the City fans heartbroken about what could have been and wishing he had a more major role. Samantha played her part as true to character as she always does, but placing such a sexually expressive character in one of the most oppressed countries in the world was such a lame plot line that it was more slapstick comedy than the clever smutty comedy that fans are used to.

The continuing plot lines from the previous film were hardly elaborated, and the new plot lines were ridiculous. The fact that Stanford and Anthony, a couple that previously hated each other, get married in the first scene of the film without any explanation as to how they went from despising each other to being in love sets the tone for the whole movie. It is not relatable to any other Sex and the City productions. This movie stands alone which if you are not a die hard fan like myself, could be a good thing.

Negative aspects aside; The film contains all you’d expect from a Sex and the City movie. Amazing fashion, hot men, female solidarity and above all, nudity. I truly wanted to love this film and feel slightly like a traitor for not doing so.

I’m sorry Sex and the City, you’re getting a 6/10 and its that high ONLY because I got to peek at the wonderful older and hotter Aidan Shaw, and the wonderful clothes.



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