The White Ribbon (Das Weiße Band, Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte) review

This can only be a quick review as I have an exam tomorrow morning, and have to revise. Last night, I purchased this movie after being terrifically horrified by his last movie ‘Funny Games’. His amazing camera angles and the way in which the gore happens just out of the frame leaving everything to the viewers imagination made me so scared I had to turn it off half way through, meaning I've never actually watched the end of it. Awesome.

Last night however, after spending a zillion hours revising, me and my boyfriend decided to splash out on his new dvd and have an evening of being petrified. Wicked. The front cover is emblazoned with the 298749587 stars everyone seems to have given it, and to tell you the truth, I was bloody excited.

I placed the dvd into the player, and waited. Then the film ended.

That’s right, I spent the entire film WAITING.

The positives - the scenery is stunning, and the way in which he has filmed the film entirely in black and white adds an extremely eery feel to the movie, not to mention the tension created throughout. Which is what I was expecting, he has a wonderful gift of being able to create almost unbearable tension, yet it never seemed to go anywhere? There was no (ahem) climax, no nothing!? Questions were not answered, and the abrupt ending just left me truly angry!

My boyfriend who is a bit of a film nerd loved it however, so although this may not seem especially positive of a review, I will encourage you to see it to make up your own mind, and in all honesty, I may even watch it again to see if I just missed something monumental (chances of which is extremely minute but who knows?)

Sorry if you guys loved it, and I'm just missing something.
This film is only getting a measly 4/10 from me, and thats purely because it was visually stunning.


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