The Losers review

Synopsis: After being betrayed and left for dead, members of a CIA black ops team root out those who targeted them for assassination.

The Losers is a film which I had only read about prior to watching, so wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but most definitely wanted to check it out, mainly because of Chris Evans(Playing 'Jensen', the Tech and Comms guy), Idris Elba(Roque, the Demo and Tactical guy), and Zoë Saldana(.....Eye candy). The rest of the cast(Columbus Short, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Oscar Jaenada and Jason Patric) were good in their respective roles, with a few 'off' moments here and there.

Let me break this film down.

The cinematography was amazing. The shot of the Team with Max's men in front of the containers was one example of some of the great work showcased in the film.

Chris Evans as the talkative, comic relief guy was such a good casting choice. Most definitely the highlight of the film. Every line that he spoke was just pure hilarity. I can't say much for the actual dialogue in the film though, some of it was just cliché, after cliché. The 'witty' one-liners that came out of 'Pooch's(Columbus Short) mouth weren't really witty at all. Much like the moment where 'Cougar'(Oscar Jaenada) says the generically constructed sentence: "Never touch the hat". It seems to work for almost anything these days.

Idris Elba('Roque') and Jeffrey Dean Morgan('Clay') were impressive in their roles as the 'leaders' of the team, pulling off the hard-hitting, no-bull characters.

The story was original, though it had it's clichéd moments, but considering it was based off the Comic Book(of the same name), this was expected, but it translated well to film.

Ignoring some of the hackneyed dialogue, the other elements of the film had made this film quite enjoyable,  the comedic charm of Chris Evans was definitely the highlight of the film, and the visuals were pretty elaborate, apart from the one with Saldana on top of the large containers with the Rocket launcher. That just seemed really...fake.

Other than the small faults, The Losers proved once again that Comic Book adaptations do work(and well, I might add).



FYI, In the UK, it has been pushed back from April 9 to May 28 to prevent any competition from the monstrosity that was Clash of The Titans.


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