Hot Tub Time Machine review

Director – Steve Pink
Written by – Josh Heald & Sean Anders

I am a simple guy who enjoys simple things, that’s why watching Hot Tub Time Machine, was for me an amusing film.
The premise of the film is rather straightforward, 4 guys enjoy an alcohol fuelled night in a hot tub which sends them back to 1986, WINTERFEST!
Adam played by John Cusack has just broken up with his girlfriend/ wife (didn’t pay much attention at this point) and, his nephew is staying with him Jacob played by Clark Duke. His best friend Lou just tried to kill himself and its up to Nick and Adam to look after him, so they decide to go back to relive there best memories whilst growing up. Of course it follows with humorous moments, where Jacob meets his mum, and Nick and Lou get close (that’s all I can say with out giving too much away), which just brings out a barrel of laughs, I covered my eyes and laughed out loud in hysteric fits.
The film deals with friendship, mainly between Adam and Lou, and how they lost touch over time, as well as going through a mid-life crisis, adding to that is the love between various characters and the respected others. Yes, it’s not an Oscar winner but, it’s a comedy, and a bloody good comedy. Craig Robinson stands out from the cast and is quite possible the best thing in this film. A nice cameo by Chevy Chase and Crispin Glover brings together a excellent ensemble of actors, both of whom were big in the 80’s. If not for all that, just go for the music, the retro vintage tunes of the 80’s, mixed with a surprise song from the 21st century, will take you back to pulling out your retro clothes and heading to a 80’s bar.
When this comes out on Friday I would say go watch it if you just want to laugh, it’s not serious and complicated. It’s fun, joyful and entertaining film for 90 minutes. Definitely worth going with your friends, and your parents, it might take them back to a golden period.

7/10 being slightly generous, but a pleasing watch



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