Cemetery Junction review

I went into the cinema with some expectations, being a huge HUGE fan of the office and extras I did keep my mind open to see what this film would be like.
The expectations I had were met and exceeded by a mile, the film made me laugh, shed a tear and brought joy to me and my friend.

Cemetery Junction is about a group of friends set in the early 70’s, and how one of them, Freddie has a dream of getting out of a small town and doing something extraordinary, something different.

The film begins with Freddie applying for a job to be a door to door life insurance sales person, and his friends Bruce who is a factory worker and Snork who works at the local cemetery junction train station. Freddie doesn’t want to end up like his dad who also works at the factory he wants to be someone, move out of the small town. The film goes through the journey of the 3 friends and the trials and tribulations that they overcome.
The film follows the hopes and dreams of young and old, and a nostalgic reality that is set in the warm suburbs of Reading.

The cast is amazing, they are well developed and they work well together and you can definitely see the chemistry between them, you can definitely relate to one or more of the characters.

The story has a perfect mix of drama and comedy and it does have a handful of laugh out loud moments.

Overall it left me with a warm feeling in my stomach, and certainly made me think about my life so far in a wonderful joyous way. And would recommend it to you if you’re a fan of friends family laughter love growing up and having an adventure, the + of the film it is written and directed by Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant.

Worth a watch if you just want to laugh




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