Kick Ass (2010) Review

Down at our local Showcase I bumped into Head Honcho also attending the Orange Wednesday Premiere of Kick Ass. I sat a a row behind him with my missus, planning on firing popcorn missiles at him during  what I expected to be a hum drum comedy junk film.

Unfortunately I didn't fire off any popcorn due the Kick Ass being so flippin' awesome. This is really hard for a change. I can't talk about much of the film without giving a lot away. Producers Brad Pitt, Mathew Vaughan (also Director Mathew Vaughan - Layer Cake) and Jane Goldman (Mrs Jonathan Ross) have put together something wonderful.

I do remember waking up to Moyles saying 'It's just Brilliant' a few days ago but I didn't pay him any attention. He's right though. The Basics:

Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson - Angus Thongs) is disgusted by the state of society and gives his run of the mill life considerable meaning when he orders a scuba suit and becomes a super hero called Kick Ass (with no powers, no skills, no experience). This goes wrong almost immediately and starts a rollercoaster of events that brings into play real super heroes. Predictably Kick Ass gets targeted by a Mafi-esque villain and finds himself in serious trouble - trouble that is far to much for him to handle alone... Enter Red Mist, Hit Girl & Big Daddy. These kind of names may bring memories of Mystery Men - but don't be fooled. This is a very different film.

The only real face to be recognised is Nick Cage - but he's not the star and doesn't steal the show at all - yes, unusual for him. The stars here are most definitely the low key players from Casualty, The Bill, Angus Thongs etc. etc. But they hold up the film like heavyweights.

Vaughan (Harry Brown, Layer Cake, Producer of Lock Stock and Snatch) brings his unique style of grit to the story and action. There's a very strange cameo consisting of Dexter Fletcher in a yellow Landrover but apart from that this film is genuinely hilarious. And at the same time fairly serious.

Credit must go to Goldman. This is Brit writing at it's best. Engaging mechanics and vivid characters pull you into a crazy, yet somehow feasible world of powerless super heroes.

Of course, upon leaving, many of our fellow cinema folks were complaining that this was stupid. Maybe. Maybe this film will be a little like Marmite for some people. For me though (and also our Great Website Administrator, I reckon) this was glorious 10.



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