Wrong Side of Town review

Synopsis: In order to save his kidnapped daughter, an ex-Marine is forced to take on a gang of killers when an accident leaves the brother of a malicious criminal dead

Featuring (Current and former, respectively) WWE wrestlers 'Batista' and 'RVD', Wrong Side of Town is a fantastic train-wreck of a film, which I felt deserved a review. Almost.

There really isn't much positive to say about this film, other than I respect wish I had never seen this film.

The editing was ridiculously sloppy, no sense of continuity whatsoever; how can a person teleport from the front seat to the backseat? What, did they have a bathroom break that we didn't see??? Ugh, waste of space. Honestly, after seeing that particular scene, I was thrown off the whole thing.

The dialogue was so cliche, so monotonous, it was as if the entire thing was written by a 12-year-old. Harsh, very harsh, yeah (Why don't I make something better?? Ha. I wouldn't even have to try.), but it was a vast array of nonsensical ridiculousness.

Honestly, the film was terrible, this review was incredibly negative, but somebody had to say it.

Wrong Side of Town - 2/10

(1 for the wrestlers, 1 for how much it made me laugh that magic existed in this film.)



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