He's Just Not That Into You review

Synopsis: [spoiler]In Baltimore, five women and four men try to sort out the signals that the sexes exchange. Gigi imagines every man she meets is Mr. Right; she gets reality checks from Alex, a sweet but cynical saloon keeper. Janine and Ben seem solidly married until he chats with Anna in a market checkout line; meanwhile Anna is indifferent to the pursing Connor. Neil and Beth have been together seven years; she dumps him when she realizes he really and truly isn't going to marry her. Does he love her? And Mary sells advertising while searching on line for a man. Will those in love stay in love? Will those searching figure out who is and who isn't into them? Are men all that different from women? Written by {jhailey@hotmail.com}[/spoiler]

I was insanely hesitant to watch this film, as it never occurred to me that romantic comedies can also be full of complexities and finely woven stories which intertwine with each other.

He's Just Not That Into You was a film that was quite different to those rom-coms I've seen in the past. It wasn't just a simple guy-falls-in-love-with-girl-encounter-a-problem-then-get-back-together-story, it was much more than that.

Considering the film was adapted from a self-help book of the same name, it made it even more interesting to see how such a book could be made into a film.

So Gigi(Ginnifer Goodwin) is the girl who needs the help, funnily enough, and the events that unfold were ever so cringe-worthy, not because they were badly acted out(because they weren't), but because the things that she was doing were ever so hard to watch. It was precisely the scenes with Goodwin in I enjoyed the most because of her ability to portray such an awkward character.

Justin Long playing Gigi's friend and confidant was a role which he fit in, up until a certain point I thought he was gay, reminiscent of Zack and Miri, but I was proved wrong later on.

There were times within HJNTIY which were definitely clichéd and redundant, there were even instances where I said "I KNEW that would happen!", but no matter how many of these moments were in the film, there was always a counter-balance to these clichés, which eventually outweighed these negative factors.

He's Just Not That Into You was a film that was, to some extent, a 'traditional' rom-com simply because of the predictability that seems to be present in a vast amount of romantic comedies these days, but nicely back-pedals due to some unique storytelling.

Good film, interesting story with several sub-plots and twists, He's Just Not That Into You delivers an unexpected array of goodness in the form of a contemporary romantic comedy with a difference.




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