(500) Days of Summer review

Synopsis: [spoiler]He's Tom, from New Jersey, working in L.A. writing greeting cards even through he's an architect by training. She's Summer, in from Michigan. Day one is her first day as an AA in Tom's office. We jump back and forth in time: by day 67, they've become an item when she decides to put aside the lovemaking and just be friends. Tom, a romantic who's sure Summer is the one for him, wallows in self pity. We go back to the early days and see the relationship begin. Summer tells him right away that she doesn't believe in love. He mopes well past day 100. Then, as day 500 approaches, they find themselves at a wedding together. Does the old flame rekindle? Is Tom right that destiny controls love? Written by {jhailey@hotmail.com} [/spoiler]

I had heard alot of positive things relating to this film, so naturally, I thought I'd buy the DVD and see what the fuss was all about.

The Author's note at the beginning of the film is strangely a disclaimer, something I haven't seen that often, at the start, anyway. The note states: "The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Especially you Jenny Beckman. Bitch." Upon reading this the first time, I thought nothing of it. I thought it was simply some sort of inside joke, which technically, it was. Only, it wasn't a joke, apparently, (500) Days of Summer was based on the experiences of the writer of this film, Scott Neustadter(Read more on this here).

The film was anything but conventional; the chronology of this film going back and forth, the traditional 'rom-com' formulas thrown away for something that was far more enthralling, and kept my attention the whole way through.

The way in which the story was depicted was what attracted me to this film the most, sure, it was certainly confusing on occasions, but for the most part it worked well in delivering the plot.

The film was a love story, but the most unconventional love story I've ever seen.

The story was definitely one of the most unique I have heard. As the film progressed, the story evolved a lot more, as did the characters, and was something which shined greatly in this film, as well as the performance from Joseph Gordon Levitt. Zooey Deschanel seemed quite plastic to me, although I feel her charm brought in a lighthearted warmth to the film, it felt as though she wasn't projecting herself as well as Levitt was. However, that's not to say her performance wasn't enjoyable, it just didn't seem to fit in at times, for example, the scene in the copy room, right before she makes her move, her face was just...blank. There were other minor annoyances in an otherwise great film.

A good film with an unconventional twist, lovely story, lighthearted rom-com with a difference.




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