Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist review

Synopsis: [spoiler]Nick, a high-school senior from Hoboken, can't stop obsessing about Tris, his cute, blond, conniving ex-girlfriend. Norah, also a senior and an acquaintance of Tris's, is dissed by Tris at a club in New York City, so to show she's cool and has a boyfriend, she goes up a stranger, whispers in his ear, and kisses him. It's Nick. Thus begins a night of fits and starts between Nick and Norah as they share a love of music, hunt for an elusive band scheduled to play somewhere that night, search for Norah's drunk friend Caroline - with the help of Nick's gay band mates, and keep running into Tris and Nora's sort-of boyfriend. Both Nick and Norah have to figure out what they want. Written by {}[/spoiler]

A mini review- something I'll be doing a little more often.

Michael Cera is another Keanu Reeves. What do I mean by this? He can retain the same acting style in each film he does and still get away with it. Cera has a certain innocent charm about the characters he plays, but ultimately, it is the repetitive 'innocent' characteristic which seem to be his downfall. It is a trait which is going to become bland and redundant.

Kat Dennings and Michael Cera had wonderful chemistry in this film; the on-and-off relationship between the two was delightful to watch, albeit slightly awkward witnessing Nick (Cera)and Norah's (Dennings) struggle to release themselves from the grip of tyranny, if you will.

Although the film had it's high points, there were lows, such as the terrible acting by Nick's ex girlfriend's new boyfriend, and the clich├ęd characteristics of Tris herself.

These were minor discrepancies in an otherwise pretty well structured film.




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