Summer's Moon review

Synopsis: [spoiler]A young girl searching for her estranged father is abducted and imprisoned by a demented family of killers. Summer (Ashley Greene) was traveling across the country when handsome young handyman Tom Hoxey (Peter Mooney) helped her out of a tight jam. Charmed into spending the night at his place before she starts her journey again the following morning, Summer discovers the dangers of accepting rides from strangers when she's chained in the basement of Tom's house and threatened with death unless she agrees to become the newest member of the murderous clan. Stephen McHattie and Barbara Niven co-star. - Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide[/spoiler]

I must say, it is far more easy to criticise than to praise, but with this, it's going to be a breeze.

First off, I will say when I purchased this DVD, I figured it would have been a vampire flick. Why? Well, only because of the fact that Ashley Greene- "Summer", had blood falling down her bottom lip.

I was honestly lost for words throughout this film. The only thing that made it even remotely tolerable was the hope that something interesting was going to happen n the next scene. That, and the end of the film.

The acting was below average in the majority of the film, Greene(Summer) and Mooney(Tom) had quite possibly the worst acting in this. Tom's Father and Mother weren't bad, but the dismal writing of Summer's Moon severely hurt this film.

I was getting antsy waiting for some sort of clue as to why this man was doing what he was doing, but nothing. There was nothing. The entire film was just an endless string of incongruity, severely struggling for that one juncture in the film to make it worth the audience's money. Nothing. The ending was so deeply disappointing, that I found my hands contending with my feet to get to my throat.

The positives about this film? Probably one. The scene where she gets in the car, and gets blood on her face. You'll know if you dare watching this.

Bad attempt at a supposed 'Horror', I just wasn't convinced.




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