Classics: You've Got Mail review

The term 'rom-com' is used so loosely these days it's hard to decide which is and which isn't. It's classics like 'You've Got Mail' which are the staples of these so-called 'romantic comedies'.

Synopsis: [spoiler]Kathleen Kelly, owner of a little and famous bookstore for children's books, has an affair. Being together with Frank Navasky, a well-known journalist, she betrays him by e-mailing secretly and anonymously with a (also betraying) man whom she met in a chat room. Suddenly, her business gets endangered by the opening of Fox Books discount store just "around the corner". She meets Joe Fox, son of the owner, and soon gets annoyed by his arrogant way of managing business matters. Although getting advice by her anonymous mail-pal, she has to close down her store. But Joe Fox's life suddenly gets out of control when he learns that his anonymous mail-pal is nobody other than Kathleen Kelly. Written by Julian Reischl {}[/spoiler]

I found 'You've Got Mail' to be quirky, profound and just plain different from other romantic films I've seen in the past. It had elements of the typical formulaic romantic film, but overall it was a different, refreshing, and warm-hearted romantic-comedy.

The way the two characters(Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks) in the film develop the relationship was what intrigued me the most.

It was an innocent kind of relationship which didn't extend beyond the borders of- well, innocence. It was merely an exchange of views on daily life between individuals of the opposite sex, while keeping both their identities a secret. Though both of them were in seemingly committed relationships, neither of them seemed to care how deep in they were getting into the situation.

The scene where Ryan and Greg Kinnear talk about their relationship was precisely what I'm referring to when I say this isn't like any other rom-com. The way they both reacted and behaved after this was sheer comedy, and was most definitely noteworthy. It was something which I hadn't saw before and is exactly why I felt this film was peculiar(in a good way), and rightly so classed as a 'Classic'.

Good film, quirky dialogue, intriguing concept, fresh look at internet relationships.




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