Kazed's Top 10 of 2009

So as Movieville comes close to it's 4th month on the web, I'd like to extend my deepest thanks to all you people who supported us, and continue to do so through this difficult economic climate. Cough.

Seriously though, thanks for all the hits, as we draw closer toward the end of 2009 and into 2010, I'd like to pick out my top 10 films of this year.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it was a refreshing change of pace in terms of a romantic film. Sure, it followed the standard formula of the romance film but it wasn't a traditional 'fall-in-love-get-married-happily-ever-after' film, but more of a 'guy-with-powers-falls-in-love-gets-married-disappears-and-reappears-the-end' sort of film. See the review HERE

I could've summed this film up in one word: cliché. I didn't though. I wrote a review for it. Right HERE

I absolutely adored the concept to this film. Transferring one's entity into an artificial being. Sound familiar? Look at my number 1. Something different, definitely deserves to be in my top 10. Why? Read the REVIEW

Zombieland was an innovative, refreshing film. There were a few downers, but nothing that brought the rest of the film down. Review HERE

Another Tarantino classic, review from Dan HERE.

No review for this, so here's a mini one. Good film, good plot, continuity was an exciting element, and something which appeals to me when done right. Good film, Sam Worthington was a great addition to the film, the CGI representation of T-101 was outstanding although a little over-the-top. 6.5/10

There were little flaws with District 9, but then ones that existed were nothing which ruined the overall presence of the film. An epic film. Review HERE

Star Trek was one of the most amazing films to me of 2009, the visual effects, the cast, the soundtrack were easily the best things about this film. Review HERE

Every so often, there's a film within the Horror genre which shocks or wows audiences. This was most definitely one of those films. Realism, fantastic visuals, were all solidified by this intense film. review HERE.

Avatar. This is THE best film of 2009. For me, this is the most revolutionary and visually outstanding film I've ever witnessed. The exact reason why Avatar made it to the number one spot. The soundtrack, the epic CG were all contributing to this ground-breaking masterpiece. review HERE, breakdown HERE.

There you have it folks, my top 10 for 2009. It's been a great year for film, and I expect big things for 2010 also.

I've been Kazed, have a good Christmas, and a great New Year from all of us at Movieville.



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