Kazed Blogs #5 - Why I thought Avatar was the best film of 2009

Okay, so I did say ALMOST every week I'd blog. I sort of kept that promise.

Watching it for a second time, Avatar immersed me into the world even more. People have asked me why I thought the film was one of the best films I've ever seen. It's hard to summarise points in one sentence, which is why I'm going to publish this. Solidify my thoughts on the Internet. These are just a few of the elements which make this film such a masterpiece.


This is the most obvious reason, and quite possibly a reason why many people enjoyed the film. The CGI within Avatar was unlike anything I've ever witnessed before, sure, there have been films such as The Polar Express, and Beowulf which have used a similar visual style, but nothing come even close to Avatar. The characters, the lush, exotic environment were both created to an amazing degree, and watching both of these elements in action made me feel immersed within the action and I literally felt like I was within Pandora.

The Environment

Yeah, I sort of mentioned this above, but it was the environment which was incredible, and was so vivid and imaginative, and the bioluminescence that was present within the plant life and the Na'vi was nothing short of spectacular. The sheer beauty that emanated from the nature was breathtaking, a work of art, something which could never exist in the real world, but funnily enough, is where Cameron derived his inspiration from; from things that already exist. that's not to say a forest like that exists, but who knows.

The soundtrack

The sheer power that is contained within the soundtrack reflects so perfectly within the film. Every moment within the soundtrack could quite simply referred to as epic. In particular, is the opening piece, and the song used throughout the duration of the final battle.  What is shown in amazing visuals throughout this film, is most definitely reflected equally within the soundtrack of Avatar. An amazing soundtrack to accompany an amazing film.

Like I said, these elements are but a few of several which made this film what it is. Sure, this may not entirely sum up why I thought it was such a great film, but I think they are a few of the one that affected the greatness of the spectacle that was Avatar.


Next blog- Soundtrack in film. Heck yes.


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