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[spoiler]When the Romulan mining ship Narada attacks the Federation starship US Kelvin, Captain George Kirk substitutes his captain, who is going to meet the Romulan Captain Nero in his vessel to negotiate a cease fire, in the command of the US Kelvin. He orders the evacuation of the damaged starship, including his wife that is in labor; while she delivers their son James Tiberus Kirk in the hospital shuttle-craft, George Kirk crashes the US Kelvin against the Narada. The reckless and troublemaker Kirk grows up and when he meets Capt. Christopher Pike in a bar fight, he is invited to join the Starfleet. Meanwhile in Vulcan, the outcast Spock grows-up discriminated by his half-human condition. They meet each other in the Starfleet Academy, where Spock accuses Kirk of lack of ethics, cheating a test of command. The trial is suspended with the information that Vulcan is under attack and the Federation starships head to Vulcan, including the recently commissioned USS Enterprise. Kirk, who is a stowaway, foresees an alien attack and advises Captain Spike; however, the Enterprise is damaged and when Captain Spike travels to meet Captain Nero, Spock assumes the bridge and has a serious friction with Kirk after the destruction of Vulcan. Kirk is accused of mutiny and stranded in the desert planet Delta Vega. Out of the blue, he is saved from an attack of an alien animal by an old Spock that explains to him that Captain Nero blames him and the Federation for the destruction of his home planet Romulus by a supernova. Spock explains that he had failed with the creation of a black hole with red matter to consume the supernova and Nero is seeking revenge. Now Kirk has to find a way to save Earth, the next destination of Narada. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [/spoiler]

Looking at J.J Abrams other work, namely Cloverfield, the styles of both of these side by side are indistinguishable, but then in saying that, they are both very different films.

Firstly, I'll say right off the bat that there weren't alot of flaws with this film, but as I've found out, no film is perfect.

All of the aspects of this film were extremely gripping, there was never a dull moment while watching this, every moment of it kept me interested.

Specifically though, was the continuity which interested me. The continuity between the original series and this. I really feel continuity is a major factor when taking on something which has a major history. Bridging the gap is something that was done beautifully, even if the bridge was a small one.

The story itself could've been better, even though it was interesting, it seemed rather like an extended episode of Star Trek rather than a film. Although that in itself wasn't a bad thing, it just seemed like a rushed plot to me. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm just excreting nonsense, but it's what I thought.

The effects were as expected for a film of this calibre, and rightfully earned it's place in line with the rest of the Star Trek films.


This review was minimal for a reason. All shall be explained in due time. All shall be explained.


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