Ridiculous Fan hospitalised at 'Robsessed' premiere over Robert Pattinson poster

I had to post this, courtesy of The Revolver Group.

A young fan of Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson was hospitalised on Sunday night after a scrap with another girl over a poster. The fan was one of 300 competition winners who had won tickets to the world fan premiere of new DVD Robsessed, out this week. Free posters were distributed at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester square where the event took place. "A massive fight broke out between two girls over the last poster" said Precious Acabousi, 19 from Surrey, who was at the premiere. "There was a lot of pushing and shoving, everyone was crowding around them" "I heard gasps as one of the girls fell on the floor, she was in terrible pain and had twisted her arm - she was screaming for help. The poster had been ripped in two" The fan, who cannont be named for legal reasons, was driven to hospital immediately and missed the screening "The Robert Pattinson fans, also known as the Robesessed, are the most hardcore of fanatics" said a spokesman for the dvd, "we had plenty of posters printed, but obviously some people picked up more than others, and so the fight broke out"

Kids, take this in. This ISN'T healthy behaviour. Thanks to the Revolver Group for that.



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