Jennifer's Body review

I've now seen this twice, because I can, and both times I saw it, it was pretty...meh. I don't think the film itself was bad, I just thought that many moments within the film were plain cheesy, other parts were pretty impressive-ish, but like I said, the film wasn't really a bad film, maybe I'd consider gettting it on DVD, for the extras and whatnot, but Megan Fox was particularly meh in this. I suppose she showed she could act a little, but to be honest, it was far too clichéd for my liking. She was basically the cheerleader who knows she's hot and she can get any guy she wants...with a twist. She eats them. Woooaaah.

Now, the opening of the film was nothing special, but it made me think. That's good. I like films that make me think. The scratching of the orifice on her arm was pretty damn repulsive, but it was good, I thought as though she was wasting away, as it were, and I really felt that...But then the film began.

Let me emphasise once again, this isn't a bad film at all, so just keep that it mind when I'm talking about it.

So once we've been introduced to Jennifer, and been given a small background on Needy, it's apparent they're both 'best friends'. So as the film progresses, Jennifer gets raped kidnapped invited into a van and she happily jumps in the back and she's whisked off to be raped sacrificed. So turns out, you need to be a virgin to be sacrificed, and surprise, surprise, she's not a virgin. So basically that gets screwed up, and a demon enters through her...well...orifices(You'll know what I mean). She's now a succubus. Oofff course.

Ok, so obviously it's not realistic, but it worked, I guess.  I did love how Jennifer sort of 'unhinged' her jaws in the woods, it's pretty unnoticeable, but you'll know what I'm referring to.

Adam Brody was great in this, his performance wasn't very different from what I know of, but enjoyable nonetheless. He portrayed this Satan worshipping fella pretty well, not like I know any, but he had this creepy aura thing going down, it was pretty cool, and was good seeing him in an active role on the big screen again.

Overall, it was a pretty decent movie, but with things such as the repetitive 'Through The Trees' referenced throughout, and Fox's 'I'm a pretty high school cheerleader and I'm so hot' thing going on, it was just superfluous.

All in all, it was nice to see Fox do something other than run around in short shorts, and scream about welding robots.




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