Bruno review

Soooooooo, it seems I was one of the few people that didn’t manage to get to see Bruno at the cinema when it came out. I heard good things from people about it so I risked it for a biscuit and bought it on dooovd.

So basically, the story is that you follow the famous, gay Austrian TV presenter Bruno as he tries to break America. His reputation is left in tatters after a catwalk disaster and all he has to help him on his journey is his former assistant’s assistant ‘Lutz’. Sound familiar? cough exactly the same plot as Borat in different context cough. The whole of the film is basically a mockery of Hollywood and peoples desperate attempts to get famous, from adopting an African child for an iPod to attempting to resolve political conflict through the supreme power of gayness. Sounds funny, yes?
I am sad to say that I wasn’t too impressed with Bruno, yes it had its LOL moments but it was just basically a gay Borat that pushes the boundaries of controversial humour a bit more. The thing I liked about Borat was that the humour stunts seemed fairly unscripted and improvised. Maybe some of Bruno was done this way but it didn’t come across that way, everything seemed too polished. The best way to describe the humour was like the guy who tries too hard at parties, could be funny but most people would find it annoying.

I always thought it would be difficult to replicate Borat, turns out they literally did just replicate Borat but with a slightly different formula and for me, that was its downfall. It’s like hearing the same joke twice, still funny just never quite as good as the first time. In other news, I now have a brand new copy of Bruno that I don’t really want. Offers?



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