Zombieland review

So I thought I'd catch this on an afternoon where I was free. yeah, Not sure what to make of it, it was definitely a fun, enjoyable movie, lacking of elements which I can't exactly put my finger on at this point, maybe a little down the review I will.

Now this movie was definitely a good watch, and I absolutely loved the 'atmospheric conditions', if you will,  throughout the entire film. I guess what I mean is that the silence during the parts where Columbus was alone was a nice touch, granted it probably was silent, but it really added to the whole 'everyone is effing dead' thing.

What was incredibly effective to me, was the use of the titles within the film itself, how they were implemented into the situations were pretty entertaining, and it worked, they weren't just placed in the scenes, they were put there for a purpose; to be at one with the scene and informing the audience. Well done Zombieland. Well done.

The film was exciting, action in short, fulfilling blasts, and there's not much negative I can say about this other than it probably needed more story on Columbus and Wichita. In fact, all of them.

Good film though, enjoyed it throughly.




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