Classics: Saving Private Ryan Review

Classics? Not sure. Good film? Definitely. Here's a first instalments of what will be any Classic reviews(Classic in the sense that it's old. Unless otherwise stated)

I'm not sure what it is with WWII, but I just think the very notion of it is just incredibly awesome(The positive parts, not the horrificness), and every time I see a movie that relates to the WWII, it amazes me. Not sure why, exactly, but it just has something that makes me want to watch it over and over. One perfect example, Band of Brothers. That's for another time though. Right now, Saving Private Ryan.

Now this film isn't exactly the BEST depiction of WWII I've seen, as it did seem to me as if it was about the incredible prowess and competence of the Americans. sarcasm. I did, however, like the whole idea of how a brotherly bond emerged from amongst the anger that was present between the squad toward the beginning. I have to say though, it wasn't completely predictable, because there were those moments where members of the team actually died. Not just those losers who were scared to shoot anyone(Surprisingly he was the one who survived), but it was the main protagonist(Tom Hanks), and the other macho soldiers who died, a pretty awesome death. Or gruesome, whichever.

I absolutely loved the cowardice of the 'loser', having a German soldier walking straight past him without even touching him- It was brilliant to watch, and the expression of the German solider after he walked past him was just great. It was literally like seeing a Dog piss on a Cat. This was done with expression though. The German soldier expressively pissed on the American. Brilliant.

The colour of the entire film was well suited to the surrounding, dingy, murky, just basically depressing. It was good though, it added well. I don't think it would've looked better with bright hues and high contrasts. not good. Not good.

Either way, this was a good film, yeah, I've missed out quite a few bits, but hey, I think I covered the main part.




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