Kazed Blogs #4 - Why Disney/Pixar movies are so damn badass

So check it, last week I reviewed 'Up', and talked about Pixar's spawn who have evolved into these huge financial and critical successes, and it'd hard to understand why. Well, it isn't. It isn't hard to understand. Each of these films follow a formula; There's the protagonist, who has some sort of 'ultimate goal', if you will, get's into some sort of trouble, usually involves a side plot, which is usually resolved before the ultimate ending. Give or take a few things, but thats usually the general gist of a Pixar film.

Now, granted, this formula is pretty straightforward, sort of, but it works. They have this unique ability to enthrall an audience of all ages, and make them all smile and laugh with joy. It's truly a magnificent sight, to watch a Disney Pixar film, it just amazes me to how many movies they can fork out of their chest of wonders, and still not manage to bomb any. Maybe after writing this they'll manage to make a substandard film, but, somehow, I highly doubt it.

Let's look at some of the films -

Wall-E: A great film, amazing though, considering it barely contains any lines in the entire movie, it still managed to communicate stunning emotion through just visuals, and the 2 words: "Waaaaaaaall-Eeeeeeeeee" and "Eeeeevvvvvvvvaaaaaaaa". Only negative I'll give this, is the cliché message about looking after the earth it uncovered at the end. Just..ugh. It was nice seeing the ending the way it ended, but it just seemed really cheap, imo.

Up: I covered this with the review I did last week, just such a great piece of work, brilliant story, lovely characters, beautiful backstory, check out my review.

Cars: No way as near as good as the other Pixar selection, but it was still enjoyable film nonetheless. Followed the formula, inspired concept, great idea with world of cars, just had a certain something lacking that the others so greatly embodied. Nice to have Owen Wilson in the mix though, made the film.

The Incredibles: I remember watching this when it first came out, and I just thought it was a colossal achievement of immense proportions. Ok, so maybe it wasn't THAT good, but still worthy of being named as one of the better Pixar films. This film was quite possibly on the same level as Cars, maybe better, but they lacked the emotion that Up, Wall-E, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc to name a few, contained.

Toy Story: There's not alot I can say about this that hasn't already been said, but the first Pixar film that started the extensive line-up of success stories, it will always remain in my heart, and I'm sure in millions of others' hearts, as the very film that encapsulated the spirit of Pixar, if you will. Just a complete masterpiece, a great story, wonderfully quirky characters which make us love Toy Story so much.

As you all know, of course there are others, but I just thought highlighting these specific ones were necessary, because these were the ones which were significantly interesting to me. Cars, because of the talking Cars(Awesome), Up, because of it's emotional and sentimental value, The Indredibles, because it was a family of Superheroes, including a baby with powers, Toy Story, because it is THE Pixar film, and Wall-E, the film which contained like 20 lines, yet still managed to pull off an enormous 47 awards, and 80-something nominations.

All brilliant films in their own right, Pixar continue to amaze me with their capability to encapsulate almost anyone with the awesomeness that is a Disney Pixar film.



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