Disney Pixar's "Up" review

Went to watch this a couple of days ago, and it was everything I'd thought it'd be and more.

Pixar just have this incomprehensible ability to produce films that are just incredibly captivating and emotional, it's unlike anything one can experience. Sure there'll be the odd minute or two of contemptible mediocrity(woah, big words), but I suppose that's what make these films what they are. My god, it boggles the mind as to how successful they've become. As far as I know, every single Pixar film have been both financially and critically successful. The only film that comes to mind that wasn't quite UP there(eh? eh?), but still equally entertaining, would have been Cars. I enjoyed that film alot, but it contained the least amount of emotional and sentimental content (I think I just found the topic of my next blog).

Now, Up. Up was just a great film throughout. I enjoyed this film from start to finish, I found myself laughing quite a few times during, as did alot of the children that were in the screen room, but the point is, there were moments in it that, quite frankly, were effing hilarious.

I have to say though, the start of the primary plot was maybe the darkest part of a Pixar film I have seen, the most 'adult', if you will(It'll be apparent when you watch). I thought it was such a nice touch, to add another level of maturity to the film, it just made it that much better. I mean, sure, some kids may not understand why there were tears, but this is exactly why the (Pixar)films, this one in particular, are for all walks of life.

Is there anything bad about the movie? In all honesty, I honestly couldn't see one aspect of Up that was bad, I guess that means this is a perfect film. Yes? No. The Character design wasn't AS memorable as alot of the other Pixar spawn, and neither was the personality of alot of the characters. It took a while for the humour to come around, but all of that was a minor blemish on what was probably the best animated flick of this year.


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