FlashForward Episode 3- "137 Sekunden"


I'm expecting less with each episode I watch, frankly, but this episode was a step up from the last.

Basically, this episode involved Brenford trying to investigate his Flash Forward(Oh yay.), and him remembering someone he saw on the noitceboard in the vision. So, naturally, he sets out to get some answers, the tough guy. Turns out, this guy that he saw on the noticeboard is a Nazi. He's German, fyi. Apparently, this nazi can tell Mark why the flashes happened for the amount of time they did.

It was like watching Lost. but more annoying, because we've all(most of us) been exposed to Lost's antics of a billion questions we all ask each episode, welcome to that feeling again.

I'll leave it there, but they need to keep me into this, it's getting lame. Good episode though.



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