Toy Story 1 3D review

Shouldn't have hyped this up so much, because the problem with that is, I shouldn't have hyped it up so much.

Being my first actual 3D movie, I was pretty excited, and there were a number of differences between the 3D version and the original, there were little details that were pretty cool to see, like the phone on the  desk in the entrance of the house, there were little subtle changes, but none so big that it was worth the extra £2, but I suppose simply because it was Toy Story, and it was in 3D is what got me to buy the ticket.

Now I've seen this, in "Digital 3D", it isn't a big deal. After about 30 minutes, I actually forgot I was watching a 3D film.

No offence to the guys at Pixar, but they could've done a better job at this- There was nothing that really stood out (pun intended). Sure, it was cool seeing Buzz, and Woody, and the rest of the gang standing out from the background, and there were scenes that looked pretty impressive in 3D, such as seeing Pizza Planet, and when the dead toys rise from the sand, but to me, it gave the same effect 3D or not.

I'm not being a Negative Nancy, I just think that it could have been way better, and they could have utilised the 3D much more effectively.

So Toy Story, still the same charm it had 14 years ago , but 3D? Blegh, it's ok, just meh.

10/10 for the movie, 5.5/10 for the 3D



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