Kazed Blogs #3/High School Musical review

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I’m going to watch High School Musical, yes. Yes, I’m going to watch the very thing I’ve been verbally destroying since 2006. <shudder>

So here’s what’ll happen- I’m going to watch them, and once I have, I’ll write another blog. I realise I can never go back on this, which is why it’s been solidified on the internet.

So I watched the first High School Musical, and made 2 sides of notes while doing so. The notes I made were basically comments- negative comments, at that. I'm going to quote them as closely as I can, because they seemed vital to my views of the film. Let's make it easier- I'm gonna bullet this one out. Quicker, easier.

  • Zac Efron is SO GAY.
  • Starting off- random song. I honestly just have no idea why...or how...it makes prefect sense for Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella(Vanessa A. Hudgens) to stop looking at the karaoke screen and start improv-ing. Of course that would happen.
  • The teacher is SUCH a cliché, just such a ohh blegh.
  • What?! Why everyone is singing is WAY beyond my compehension.
  • Oh look, Troy's dad doesn't want him to sing. Oh look, he's a manly man because he plays basketball. Singing is WRONG, in this universe, apparently.
  • These two are brother and sister???? Are you kidding me??? A girl who's named after a marker pen and her retarded brother have a weird-ass relationsh-dammit they're singing.
  • Oh wow...marker girl is overlooking her kingdom peasants, fellow students, who are prancing around all of a sudden. Now why?? Why are they doing this? Because each clique's peers are doing something that isn't 'normal' according to their status. What?? WHAT??? Now some guy has a cello??? Where the hell did it come from?! Ok this is retarded- some guy complains about singing, yet he SINGS about it???? What a hypocritical juvenile.
  • Some guy named 'Zeke' can cook creme brulee, apparrently.
  • This guy thinks he's so cool because he can shoot hoops, yo
  • Ok, seriously, this relationship between this brother and sister is just weird. So weird.
  • Now she's singing??? Really? Now she's stopped, and everyone suddenly re-appeared from the lockers, maybe.
  • Lol pretty boy can only sing in harmony lol.
  • Apparently, pretty boy's teammates haven't heard him sing. They have. TRUST ME. They have.
  • Oh look, hot geek won her geeky contest. Oh, surprise surprise, pretty boy won his basketball game.

and there you have it. Alot of it was cheesy as your dad's gooch, but i didn't really expect any less from a Disney movie.

in all honesty, there were a couple of times where I did actually enjoy the film, I didn't think it was a bad film, I just thought there were ALOT of cheesy and corny scenes. 70%, actually. Make that 89%.

The reason why I didn't watch all three of them was because the point of this exercise was for me to find out what the big deal was. I see it now, what all the billion screaming kids and girls are screaming over. I now have closure.

So, the movie, 6/10 for me, 100000000000/10 for all the kids in the world.



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