Surrogates Review


From the outset, Surrogates had impressed me. Getting us up to speed about what happened over the past decade or so, then jumps into present day. Now I appreciated the history, that eliminated the "what the hell is going on??" and "who the hell is this?!" factors, so that's always a plus.

So this is it basically- people, who have robots-Surrogates, which are operated by the Human counterpart. Somebody kills a Surrogate, everybody freaks out, blah blah.

So, the concept has very striking similarities to The Matrix, except in this movie they're in the real world. And they can't jump as high as- No..Wait..They can.

I did love the super-airbrushed Surrogates, as obvious as this statement may sound to those who have seen it, I thought this was such a nice touch, and it was really cool to see the comparison of it and a Human. I sat there, noticing all these small things- The Surrogates' severely toned down emotion, the lack of hand gestures, just they were all so..lifeless. Ultimately, that seemed to be the whole point here, not to let these robots take over your lives, but these people all had gotten consumed by this..this 'addiction', if you will, and all of the counterparts of the Surrogates were all un-maintained, and just really in bad condition. Except for Willis..Who seemed to be in near-perfect condition..he wasn't really much different to his Surrogate, or 'Surry'.

Admittedly, alot of the film was entirely predictable, but the main 'twist' was utterly foreseeable. Despite this, I still enjoyed 90% of this film, I thought it was a clever idea, can't say much for the plot which seemed to go in different directions alot of the time, but the idea, the concept, was good.

The main problem, like I said, was the predictability. The finale was...just...blah. It was just all so PREDICTABLE. It seemed to turn into this positive message, how technology is evil, and you shouldn't allow yourself to be consumed by it. Just like everything else in the  world.

Overall, a good movie, enjoyed it alot, apart from the parts where I knew what was gonna happen.

7/10. No no, 6.5/10.



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