Friends Movie?


Tv Show Friends is coming back and that is official, the huge popular American show Friends is coming back to the big screen in a big budget movie that will make it a huge success. After all the stars secretly agreed to get back together for the Friends big budget film, studio bosses quickly got together an experienced team which includes Friends creator David Crane and Marta Kauffman to write and produce the film. James Michael Tyler who played Central Perk oddball Gunther - confirmed: "Friends: The Movie is definitely on. I still keep in touch with a lot of the cast and they say that they are really keen." Studio bosses at Warner Brothers got together to convinced the cast it was a great idea after seeing Sex and The City Movie being a huge success that took $408,921,925 at the box office. It has not been all plane sailing for the cast of Friends when the successful show ended. Everyone expected the cast to be inundated with work and be a huge success in their own right but this was not to happen. Matt Leblanc’s spin-off comedy show Joey which insiders thought would be a huge success was cancelled after 2 seasons and Matthew Perry show, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip was cancelled after just one single season. It is hoped that the film of Friends will reignite the careers of the stars of the Show. -Source(s) in2town/Daily Mail

So I seen this article and it got me all excited with excitement. Admittedly the source isn't exactly the most well known but it has been in a few of the national newspapers over here so my hopes are high. Daniel Hall likes this.

On another note, if you haven't watched Studio 60 on Sunset Strip then I urge you too. A massively underated show that didn't get the viewing figures that it deserved and Matthew Perry in his best role yet in my opinion. Great cast, great humour, great acting, great series.

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