Deadpool: Reynolds still in

Earlier this year Ryan Reynolds was speculated to be in the new Green Lantern movie, but shortly after Wolverine, he was speculated to be in an upcoming Deadpool spin off. Well, he's going to be in Deadpool, and creator Rob Liefield attended a meeting recently- well, check it-

Great Deadpool movie meeting! Lauren Schuler Donner and her team are headed in the right direction!

Deadpool movie checklist- DP in costume-check! Breaking 4th wall-check! Loads of killing-double check!

Also excited to discuss possibilities of Cable in future X-films!!!

Donner Company is on top of making the Deadpool movie that fans want. They get it. He’s funny, tortured, clever, a bastard and mucho action!

All those were quotes from Rob Liefield's Twitter.

So looks like we're going to see a fully suited Deadpool(Hell yes), AND Cable in the future?? Just an fyi for those of you who don't know what "Breaking the 4th Wall" is, it basically means where a character communicates to the audience.

So all that sounds pretty promising, still a while til we get any media, but we can still salivate over this and any future news that comes are way.


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