Kazed's take on Marvel Entertainment's future

So IGN posted an interesting article about all of the planned Marvel movies over the next few years. Now, one has to wonder how much difference(if any) there will be due to the acquisition by Disney.

Anyway, these are some of the planned movies by Marvel over the coming years, and my take on some of them.

To see the full list, visit the link to IGN above.

So we got:

  • The Avengers- Estimated release date: 2012

This one I'm pretty excited for. What remains to be seen though, is who will be in the team. Now, obviously I'm going to go ahead and assume that the heroes we've already seen in live action movies are going to be involved in some capacity(Spider-Man, Wolverine, Invisible Woman, Iron-Man, Hulk), but one thing bothers me- Whether the same actors will be playing these characters. Never know, maybe someone else could do it better, but would it feel the same? Who knows.

  • Deadpool - Estimated release date: 2011

Deadpool. Ahhh Deadpool. Seeing literally snippets of him in X-Men Origins was just blegh. Blatantly needed to be alot more about Wolverine & Deadpool. Barely any chemistry seen, but if Ryan Reynolds plays him in the spin off, it could be a pretty badass flick.

  • 'Reboot' of Fantastic Four- Estimated release date: TBD

Honestly, I didn't think the last one was that bad...The first one wasn't bad either, apart from the really brief and lame fight sequence. Spoiler alert. They win. 'Reboots' are never really a bad thing, it's interesting to see another Director's take on it. Incredible Hulk was awesome, so maybe reboots may not be so bad. Although it may not be needed, and I did enjoy the last cast, we'll need to see if this one will have anything to do with the others at all.

  • Captain America- Estimated release date: 2011

This would be so awesome with the right Director + Captain America. My take on Cap.

  • Gambit- Estimated release date: Unknown.

Not much here, we got some pretty cool scenes on Origins, but would it really be enough to make an entire movie for him? Not sure if it would be necessary.

  • Iron Man 2- Estimated release date: 2010

Ahh we've heard alot from this, I'll be posting an update on this soon. We've seen shots from the set, we know who the bad guys are gonna be, we know the first one was quite spectacular, I expect no less from the second from Favreau.

  • Magneto- Estimated release date: Possible 2011 release

I think this one is quite overdue, to be honest. Maybe this would've been better before Wolverine, we've already seen some pre-Magneto stuff from X3, but obviously, there is ALOT more to the story. I think this'd be a good one, maybe moreso than Wolverine.

    • Spider-Man 4-6- Estimated release date: SM4- 2011

    Ahhh, the original...Where it all began. I didn't think Spider-Man 3 was bad by any means, but it just crammed way too much than it could handle. It was like sticking a redwood tree up a cat's ass. Well maybe not THAT severe, but there were certain parts in it which made me think "WTF", but despite that, I did enjoy it, theres no getting round that. We still have yet to find out what's happening about the 4th, but I'll definitely, definitely be watching it.

    • X-Men: First Class- Estimated release date: 2011

    Meant to revolve around the young days of some of the mutants at the X's school, this should be a pretty insightful look into the past. I'm quite excited in finding out who the line up is gonna be in this, and who'd be playing each of them. yay.

    All in all, theres alot here, and I honestly think theres far too much in development, and also makes you think; How many good Directors ARE there that'll be signed on to these projects?? Maybe Marvel are pushing it? Blegh, theres not long til the first of these is released, but from then on, alot of them are slated for a 2011 release. Thats alot of production right there.



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