Kazed Blogs #1: Video Game adaptations-movies

Yo yo, I'm Kazed, and this'll be one of the first instalments of the awesomely stupendous blogs that'll be featured here on Movieville.org.

So what I'm gonna go ahead and try to do is make this a weekly thing. Try and keep this thing going for as long as I can, talk about things that annoy me, a discussion, if you will. With myself. A discussion with myself.

For this instalment, I'll be talking about video games turned into movies. Good topic? Good topic.

Let's look at some examples here. Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Street Fighter, DOA(Dead or Alive), Resident Evil, Doom,  Halo (Nope. didn't happen.)

Yes. Halo. I'm almost pretty effing annoyed and shocked I guess one could say, about the halting of Halo's production.

Not long ago, in 2005 the Director and the Executive Producer of District 9- Neil Blomkamp and Peter Jackson, were signed on to make the movie. Later in 2006, we find out that the project was abandoned due to funding-

Variety reported today that Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox, the two financing studios behind the hugely hyped Halo movie, have both backed out. The reports are apparently that the initial $135 million budget was being surpassed, and that "moneygrubbing" Universal and Fox could not get Microsoft to agree to a lower profit-sharing margin.- FirstShowing.net

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Then skipping a little more ridiculousness and jumping into August 2009, we get this rumour-

Apparently Spielberg took a look at the script that Stuart Beattie had written in his free time for a Halo movie titled Halo: Fall of Reach and was "blown away" by it.- FirstShowing.net

Full article here

Theeeen, Finally, fast forward to two days after the above was 'rumoured', we get this-

"We're glad there's still a lot of enthusiasm in the entertainment industry surrounding the idea of a Halo movie. That said, the Halo feature film remains on hold as we focus on projects like Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach."- FirstShowing.net/Kotaku.com


After all of this, District 9 is released in which (I think) was an awesome film. Now, imagine this- Halo, live action, with near realistic effects, and a badass plot based on the original Halo.

I know there are alot of people who didn't like District 9, not sure why that was at all to be honest, but, I think that a live-action Halo movie would be spectacular. I have yet to see a video game adaptation that has been done well. Well, Resident Evil wasn't bad, then they ruined it after the 6th one. I know what I said.

Bottom line, if they do indeed choose to continue production of the Halo movie, it will simply be one of the most historic moments in film history, purely because of the crap that it went through- Only if it was done right.

That was it for this week's Kazed Blogs, see you next time.



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