Welcome to Movieville.org

Welcome to Movieville.org. What is Movieville.org? Well, it's a website. Duh.

I started Movieville not long ago now, and I'd been reviewing Movies for a couple of months and wanted something dedicated to this. So I decided- Website.

The name Movieville was thought up by a friend, Dan, who also designed the logo of the website. He had an entire layout made and designed and I needed a website, so he offered it to me.

Now, your probably thinking "What makes this website different to the hundreds and thousands of other movie review websites out there?" I'll tell you. This, is a different opinion. Not everyone has the same opinion, and I'd like to just provide a different outlet for people to go to and express themselves too(Via the comments, of course :D).

This will be the first time I'm doing a website seriously, so I hope it'll be a good run.

Your admin and primary contributor to the site,

Karan. Or Kazed. or Admin.


I'm Kazed, the Administrator/Co-Founder of Movieville.org. I love films, which was why I started this site, as an outlet to post reviews. From there, we began posting news bits, then trailers. I've