The Ugly Truth review

Literally just came back from watching this, caught the late showing with a friend. A friend who was a guy, by the way. Now, yeah I won't lie, it was a tad weird going into the film with another dude, but hey, we both wanted to see it so I saw no harm in it.

Anyway, this wasn't a bad film by any means, I just wish someone would make a romcom that DOESN'T end in a happy ending. Now I realise this is asking far too much, but hey- it's getting real redundant watching the same old romcom follow the same formula over and over.

Back to this film- I enjoyed it, I won't lie. What did horribly, horribly annoy me was the constant barrage of corny scenes and odd moments. I won't say anything here because I'm not mr spoiler alert, but it was just so blegh. I guess I was watching a romcom so, it's kind of a given, expecting all that stuff. Katherine Heigl is so awesome- and as odd as this sounds coming from me- I think she's damn gorgeous. She did a good job in this, I really enjoyed watching her performance, she was the main reason I wanted to see this, and I think I got my money's worth because of her. I really love the character she played, it definitely reminded me of her Knocked Up role she played not long ago. The sassy, independent producer who's a control freak- love it.

Wow I'm going on not even talking about the movie.

I think couples are the best type of audience for this kind of movie- that, and girls. I don't know about other males, but it wasn't bad, it just didn't seem like the type of movie I can always watch. I liked the plot, it's just a shame it followed the same route as it's standard. Good performance by Heigl, Gerard Butler was meh, but the film gets a 5.5/10 from me.



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