The Time Travelers Wife review

Spoilers most probably will be contained within this depending on whether I feel they need to be in here or not.

So originally, I set out to watch Orphan with my sister, but instead, weirdly enough, wound up watching The Time Traveler's Wife. With my sister.

Now I'm trying this new thing where I'm more open to movies I wouldn't usually watch, seeing as I want to get into the field, but this movie, wasn't half bad at all. Much better than my last review, I can tell you that.

Anyway, onto the actual review.

So starting off, it's so effing confusing, but that's where the confusion ends for me, if you are gonna watch this, be patient; I had my sister saying to me "I don't get it" from the start. But the opening scene goes right into the story, which I guess is a good thing, so right from the outset it begins pretty fast, but doesn't give much away as to why he has these time traveling abilities. It just seemed pretty weird to me that in a seemingly ordinary world, this guy, Henry(Eric Bana) is the only guy in the entire world who has these time traveling 'powers', if you will. The idea of it is clever and imaginative, but at the same time it was abit..I dunno, out of place?
Keeping the romanticness aside for now, the idea of him going back into time and meeting this young girl, Claire(Rachel McAdams) and sort of spending time with her seemed abit wrong to me; a late 30 something man visiting a very young girl who he, in the future marries was all very twisted. Well, I say twisted, it was just pretty weird.

So Henry has had these 'powers' since he was a young boy, and it's sort of unclear as to when he travels through time- He can't control it, it happens randomly and the most coincidentally inappropriate times. The movie is a little slow toward the first half, but then starts to get a little tense and interesting in the second. So as he gets married to the girl, Claire, or Clare, whatever, she begins to get really angry at the fact he has these 'powers' (I'll skip a huge chunk of the story here, because that's not what I'm doing here). The way some of the scenes connect with each other pretty intracately was pretty cool, so continuity is a relatively big thing here, although there wasn't much of it going on, it did seem to play a big part.

I think Rachel does a good job here, although I'm sure I'm seen her play this sort of role before. Not sure where, but it seemed familiar seeing her as the disgruntled wife. Lol. Bana didn't do much for me, although it's always impressing for me when someone pulls off an American accent pretty flawlessly. But I guess that's what he does for a living.

There weren't many flaws with this film, although there were a few times where I would have ended the film, but then hey, don't have much experience so who am I to say! I did however love Ron Livingstone in this, always a fun time to be had when he's around. Oh yeah.

All in all, to end this travesty that I call a review, it was a good movie, I haven't read the book so maybe I'd get around to reading that someday, acting was good, apart from Gomez's wife, I don't know WHAT she was doing.

7/10 from me, well deserved too.

Maybe I should keep it short next time.



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